Why Cerkote a firearm?

You may be asking yourself "why Cerakote a firearm?" and that is a great question. There is a long list of benefits that come with Cerakoting a firearm. 

Cerakote is a paint application process that is similar to a paint and a sealant all in one. If you built a table, sanded it and stained it...you would seal it, right? So, why wouldn't you do the same thing for firearms? Well, with Cerakote you can. 

This ceramic bases coating process creates a hard surface that will resist scratching and other abrasions. It will also helps prevent again corrosion and oxidation. This is beneficial if you have your firearm outside in different elements. Another possibility would be shooting in the hot summer sun, you are bound to sweat. The salt in your sweat can cause your gun to rust. Cerakote can also act as a lubricant once it is applied. It attracts far less dirt and debris compered to other lubricants. This will play a key role in keeping your fire arm clean and functioning at full capacity. 

Not only is Cerakote practical but it also allows you to add a custom theme to your firearm. American Custom Innovations can complete just about any theme you could think of.

Trying to get your wife or daughter interested in shooting? What better than a Rose Gold or Tiffany Blue Cerakoted gun! Are you really into Star Wars or other movies? Well, we are able to base the theme of your firearm to your favorite movie. We have even matched a firearm to match the paint job of a classic custom vehicle. There are high temp paints and even inferred paints (for qualifying candidates.) 


When it comes to Cerakote, the options truly are endless.